Going Old School to Get Rich Online

Surprisingly, many marketers bring old school methods into the new environment of the World Wide Web and can’t understand why they aren’t getting better results. The truth of the matter is that being able to make money online requires a completely different mindset to how you would normally approach marketing and advertising in the “real world”. There is, however, one very important thing that the real world seems to be leaving behind. That one thing will make or break your business if you don’t include it as one of your most important business strategies.

What that “thing” that is so critical to your success happens to be is good old fashioned customer service. You know the type, where you are treated as someone who is important and special, where promises are kept and wrongs made righted – whatever it takes. It’s the type of service that you don’t see so often anymore, yet will help you become a millionaire if you put it in with the right mix of marketing, advertising and offering high quality products at competitive prices.

The first place to start offering exemplary customer service is in your advertising and marketing. That means before you even know what customers will be yours to continue offering service to throughout the rest of your dealings with them. You can do this by creating campaigns, such as Google Adwords or Social Media advertisements that refrain from announcing “Buy My Stuff” messages. Instead, they should be crafted as a “How I Can Help You” type of messages instead.

When you boil down to the nuts and bolts of business, people don’t want to buy anything. They want to gain something or solve a problem. If you keep this in mind with your internet marketing activities, you will see highly profitable results. Not only that, but your customers will stick to you like glue so you can continue to build a mutually satisfying relationship of offering them great products in return for you making a great income.

Consider this: “Buy this Book to Make Money Online” versus “You CAN Make Money Online, This Book Will Show You How”. Which sounds better to you? Ideally, your marketing and advertising will never really even SELL your products. That might sound completely contradictory, yet is how marketers who are making six and seven figure incomes are doing it.

It’s actually very simple when you understand that people will happily trade their money to get what they want, but not if they feel that all you are doing is trying to take their hard earned cash. Instead, they want to feel as if you actually care about them getting what they want or solving their problems.

Speaking of those marketers making the six or seven figure incomes, you can make that too and you don’t even have to have your own product to sell. You also don’t need any type of special background or technical knowledge. You can learn all about how to do that in “Internet Marketing Anatomy” course. This is a series of video trainings which take you step by step through how to set up a money making system that has been proven to succeed.

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